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PSYCHOLOGY STATISTICS QUESTIONS:Group A : This is the group that received talk therapy and meds

Dr Nomack has developed a new psychotherapeutic treatment for Bipolar disorder; She has coined this Stabilization Talk Time. She believes that persons who undergo this treatment will manifest fewer symptoms of mania and depression than persons who use only lithium. She has treated some clients with this talk therapy. Then she assessed all clients on the Bipolar Assessment Measurement for clinicians. She has accrued the data below and she has given it to you for analysis. Please explain your work below.  

77, 78, 76, 75, 87, 90, 76, 72, 90

Group B:  This is the group that received only the meds

67, 45, 56, 45, 42, 65, 31, 45, 48



1. For this lab, write the null and alternative hypotheses.

2. Determine which test you will use, identify the reasons WHY. Be sure to justify your choice.

3. Run the analysis and submit your results. Please attach the SPSS data in this lab.

4. Write the results in APA - format. 

5.  Draw conclusions and justify. 

6.  Dr Nomack does this research yet again! This time she decides to take 100 subjects on lithium and assess their symptoms before Talk time therapy and again after talk time therapy. Explain how this is different. What type of test would you use for this and why?

7.  Go ahead and analyze the data if it was accrued in the format from #6. Pretend data in Group is from BEFORE the talk therapy and group B scores are from after Talk therapy. 

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PSYCHOLOGY STATISTICS QUESTIONS: Dr Nomack has developed a new psychotherapeutic treatment for Bipolar disorder; She has coined thisStabilization...
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