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Questions 1-17 are multiple choice.

Questions 1-17 are multiple choice. On your scantron (available in the bookstore - please use form 2052), please indicate a corresponding letter that you feel indicates the BEST answer.

1. Research on wisdom shows that;
a. it is fairly common among adults
b. expertise is m ore of a prediction of wisdom than is old age
c. cognitive style is related to wisdom
d. experience has little impact on wisdom.

2. When speaking of risky or risky shift behavior, which aspect of adolescence is not explained:
a. imaginary audience
b. personal fable
c. idenity vs. role confusion
d. tell tale exposures

3. In the video No Place Like Home: Barbie’s perception of her father has lead her to believe that all father’s hit as a sign of love. Which theorist does this align with?
a. Skinner
b. Bronfenbrenner
c. Marcia
d. Erickson

4. Gender schemata:
a. typically begin to develop during puberty
b. involve behaviors, not expectations
c. are unaffected by social experience
d. influence what people pay attention to and remember regarding gender

5. In general most gay and lesbian couples
a. have less satisfying relationships than married heterosexuals
b. assign the role of wife to one partner and the role of husband to the other partner.
c. tend to be more satisfied by the equality that exists in their relationship than married heterosexuals
d. are more promiscuous than married heterosexuals

6. Which of the following statements about latchkey children is false?
a. most suffer no ill effects form the experience
b. they consistently spend time without supervision
c. they are greater risk for danger when monitored by adults who are not their parents
d. some have been found to be cognitively superior to children who had stay at home moms.

7. Which statement is true?
a. cliques and crowds are unrelated
b. crowds are homosexual and cliques are heterosexual
c. crowds are a collection of cliques
d. cliques consist of a heterosexual crowd and a homosexual crowd

8. The affect aspect of morality focuses on what the person:
a. thinks
b. acts
c. feels
d. knows

9. When doing a group exercise on intelligence: we discovered:
a. group exercises don’t really change just because you all have the kind of intelligence
b. different intelligence lead to different ideas
c. intelligence and social skills don’t correlate
d. all of the above

10. If you believe in learning goals then you believe:
a. effort does not matter
b. you can learn to get better at a task
c. most abilities are inherited
d. memorization is the key to success

11. What time in an individual’s life is most often associated with a decrease in self-esteem?
a. elementary or primary school.
b. early adolescence or middle school
c. late adolescence or high school.
d. early adult hood or right after college.

12. Which identity status would best be described by the phrase “no conflict, no crisis, no clue.”?
a. foreclosure
b. moratorium
c. schema acheivement
d. diffusion

13. Parten’s types of play include all of the following except
a. parallel
b. solitary
c. associative
d. mutual

14. Which of the following is not one of the top three major dilemmas for adolescent women?
a). Social contradictions – mixed messages
b). Body Image as changing body emerges
c) Sexuality as a weapon
d) risky behavior

15. Which of the following personality characteristics do not affect popularity status for children?
a. attractiveness
b. academic skills
c. athleticness
d. social competency

16. Social relationships are:
a. necessary to survive
b. if abnormal, precursors to criminals
c. multiple and heirarchal
d. mandated by family and culture

17. Which if the following is not one of the eight developmental tasks that adolescents face according to Daniel Perkins?
a. accepting one’s physique
b. preparing for an economic career
c. achieving emotional independence form parents and other adults
d. developing attachments within the family

18. The process of developing an ethnic identity:
a. is very similar to developing other kinds of identity
b. is different from other forms of identity since ethnicity is not chosen.
c. is easier than the process of forming other types of identities
d. is completed faster than the formation of other identities.

Questions 19-50 are true/false. On your scantron (available in the bookstore - please use form 2052), please indicate "a" for a true answer and "b" for a false answer.

19. Girls with mothers who work are more likely to seek an identity outside of the family regardless of the mother’s politics

20. In the video "No PLace Like Home," Barbie's cognitve level matched her age giving her an IQ of 100

21. Social cues teach us how to develop healthy relationships.

22. The lack of a partner is the number one cause of a lack of sexual activity in older women.

23. According to Kohlberg, most women fall into Stage 2 or 3 of moral development.

24. Males and females experience differences in ability to be moral.

25. A person with a feminist identity will experience greater amounts of satisfaction in a romantic relationship, regardless of gender or sexual preference.

26. The suicide rate among homosexuals who are adolescent is higher than in other life span time frames for homosexuals .

27. Gilligan argues that morality for women centers on laws and rules, and not relationships.

28. Many children who have been abused are very clear that it was not their fault.

29. A nuclear family consists of at least three generations.

30. Modern couples are compressing their child bearing into shorter time spans.

31. According to Sternberg, an intimate relationship is easy to find and keep.

32. Most older adults develop wisdom.

33. If an adult has not been able to complete developmental tasks, his or her children will not either

34. Death of a spouse seems to be the most devastating when it occurs in old age.

35. The leading cause of death among adolescents is accidents.

36. Couples that cohabitate before marriage are less likely to divorce.

37. Men are more likely to initiate a divorce than are women. <br

38. Women in higher education are twice as likely to succeed than are their male counterparts.

39. Men who are divorced are twice as likely to want to get married again than are women.

40. Self-awareness is understood through the construct of universality

41. Embarrassment would be a good example of a self “conscious” emotion

42. Adolescent friendships are characterized by increasing intimacy and self-disclosure.

43. The appearance of one male in the classroom will have a negative effect on the academic performance of most females within that classroom.

44. Holland and Eisenhart describe the college climate as “ the culture of romance” for women

45. Successful aging requires an engagement in society

46. Only 23% of people ever experience consummate love according to Sternberg.

47. Long distance relationships do not usually last.

48. We are finding a trend among relationships that last are the younger male, older female pairings.

49. One of the greatest predictors of academic success for females who are in graduate school is an unmarried status.

50. The college culture contributes to the idea of “compulsory coupledom.”

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