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1. Construct Development, Scale Creation, and Process Analysis
a. Part I: Construct Development and Scale Creation
1) Choose a construct you would like to measure.
2) Create an operational definition of your construct using at least three peer reviewed journal articles as sources as references.
3) Select and list five items used to sample the domain.
4) Select method of scaling appropriate for the domain. Justify why you selected the scaling method you did.
5) Format the items into an instrument with which you would query respondents. Justify whether this is an interview or self-report instrument.
b. Part II: Analysis and Justification
Prepare an analysis of how you developed your instrument. Be sure to describe how you chose your items, how you would norm this instrument (How many people would you give it to? What characteristics would your respondents have? To whom would the instrument be generalized?) and
which reliability measures you would use. Also, describe how you would establish validity as well as the methods you used for item selection and how item selection will be evaluated.