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DEAR Tutor, I appreciate you can answer only three questiion at a time. but these are questions that have already be answered, but completely. I asked for the graph of the case and control sample, instead you sent me a notepad with variables and NOT in a TABLE. this is making things difficult for the both of us, because you are not adressing the problem. therefore I keep sending it back to you.. I have copied the variables in the notepad into a table and I need you to confirm if i have arranged it the way it should look. I could not copy the 7252700 JPG GRAPH you sent. so could you please copy and paste it on slide 12. The work is overdue for submission already. But I would rather submit a complete piece of work LATE. Than submit an INCOMPLETE PIECE OF WORK EARLY. Regards Elfrida
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    Microchimerism: a blessing in

    Cell transfer happens through the umbilical cord during gestation
    period in both ways. Some of the transferred cells survive in the
    host body, and...
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