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Hello, can I please have help getting these Statistical Analysis...

Hello, can I please have help getting these Statistical Analysis questions answered.  35 questions, multiple choice, will tip well.

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Question 5 of 40 5.0 Points The distribution of B.A. degrees conferred by a local college is listed below, by major. Major Frequency English 2073 Mathematics 2164 Chemistry 318 Physics 856 Liberal Arts 1358 Business 1676 Engineering 868 9313 What is the probability that a randomly selected degree is not in Business? A. 0.7800 B. 0.8200 C. 0.8300 D. 0.9200 Question 6 of 40 5.0 Points Based on meteorological records, the probability that it will snow in a certain town on January 1st is 0.413. Find the probability that in a given year it will not snow on January 1st in that town. A. 0.345 B. 0.425 C. 0.587 D. 0.592 Question 7 of 40 5.0 Points
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