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1. Suppliers should be selected on the basis of low cost supplier

2. Deciding on the quantity to be purchased from each supplier can only be done through EOQ method

True/ False

3. Ideally for every product we should have 3 suppliers. this is done to

(a) to take care if one supplier is unable to supply

(b) to prevent monopolistic trade by the supplier

(c) to adhere to supply chain laws laid down by the Government

(d) A & B

4. A minimum transportation cost means that some routes may be shut down

True/ False

5. TRansportation cost is a 

(a) key element of supply chain cost

(b) key element of supply chain network cost

(c) key element of transportation network cost

(d) none of the above

6. Performance measurement is an input-output ratio

True/ False

7. The quantity of the inventory that a stage of the supply chain either produces or purchases at a time is 

(a) an order     (b) a job (c) a shipment    (d) a lot or batch

8. safety inventory is carried because 

(a) demand forecasts are accurate

(b) demand forecasts are uncertain

(c) adequate supplies are available

(d) excess product was manufactured

9. Basic EOQ model assumes

(a) order quantity is fixed

(b) Rate of usage of the material is constant

(c) A& B

(d) None of the above

10. Ordering costs would include which of the following.

(a) Cost from theft

(b) transportation cost

(c) security cost

(d) damage cost

11. The cost of carrying one unit in inventory for a specified period of time usually one yearis referred to as

(a) The material cost and sometime is denoted by C.

(b) The fixed ordering cost and sometime is denoted by S

(c) the holding cost and sometime is denoted by H

(d) the purchase price and sometime is denoted by P

12. A continuous review system is also called Fixed interval reorder system

True/ False. 

13. In periodic review based inventory control system, inventory position of items is reviewed at predetermined fixed points in time

TRue/ False

14. Information distortion or exaggeration of demand does not lead to bullwhip effect

True/ False

14. Dubba coding for the  Mumbai Dubbawallas is 

(a) an example of coordination

(b) how six sigma operates

(c) way six sigma should operate

(d) none of these

15. Logistics failure is a part of strategic risk

True/ False

16. One of these is not a major cause of supply chain disruption

(a) weather   (b) IT failure    (c) Brand value (d) transportation disruption

17. Product flexibility is the supplier's capacity vis-a-vis demand of the product

True/ False

18. ___ is the set of business processes required to purchase goods and services

(a) purchase   (b) sourcing (c) supply selection   (d) supply network

19. Company achieving strategic fit finds right balance between 

(a) responsiveness & transportation    (b) responsiveness & efficiency (c) facilities & inventory 

20. Transportation related metrics are

(a)  inbound & outbound transportation cost  (b) supply quality (c) safety inventory    (d) product variety

1. Explain multi-echelon inventory management in detail and discuss 'facility decisions' in detail 

2. Explain the role of collaborative planning and forecasting for efficient execution of supply chains

3.Explain network design in supply chain management in detail and discuss the role of supply chain coordination to minimize wastage of resources

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Need answers for this questions 1. Suppliers should be selected on the basis of low cost supplier True/ False 2. Deciding on the quantity to be...
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