Answer three of these four questions in great detail: Question 1....

Answer three of these four questions in great detail: Question 1. From the Reconstruction period through 1898 the United States experienced a chaotic economic revolution that transformed the lives of just about everyone. Describe this revolution and the movements that workers, farmers, and social reformers built in response to it. Who defended the “Gilded Age,” as it was called? Who criticized it, and how? What does the popularity of Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward tell us about public concerns during this period? Question 2. Why and how did the United States pursue an empire the late 1890s and early 20th-century? Describe the motives and attitudes—economic, political and racial—that led to the “splendid little war,” as the Spanish-American War was called. How did the war turn out for Cuba and the Philippines? Why did some Americans oppose this war? And how did the same racial attitudes that led to expansionism impact the lives of African-Americans during this period? Question 3. Describe the achievements of the Progressives at the beginning of the 20th-century. Outline five important laws or government initiatives from this era. In what way could the Progressive era be renamed the “Regressive” era, and what did W.E.B. DuBois propose be done to address this problem? How did the First World War continue to transform American society, especially in terms of the role of government? How did civil liberties fare during the War? Who at home made significant gains during the Progressive Era and the War? Who did not? Question 4. The 1920s marked the beginning of America’s entry into what we call the “modern age.” Yet many of the social movements of the 1920s represented a revolt against that modernism—a yearning to return to what many Americans saw as a purer, more innocent past. Describe the trends that made America “modern” during the 1920s, and the social movements and reactions against that modernism. Keeping Barton’s Man Nobody Knows in mind, in what ways did both movements overlap?

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