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Need help answering unit 3 of Western Civilization. Attached are...

Need help answering unit 3 of Western Civilization. Attached are the Question including two short essay questions.

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Question 1 In order to stop the rise of __________, senatorial forces assassinated him. Marcus Brutus Pompey Julius Caesar Crassus 4 points Question 2 Julius Caesar led the conquest of __________ for the Romans. Parth ia Egyp t Persi a Gaul 4 points Question 3 In 49 BC, __________ crossed the Rubicon River in an effort to defeat forces led by Pompey and seize control of Rome. Octavian Caesar Marcus Brutus Hannibal Julius Caesar 4 points Question 4 The earliest form of government in Rome was __________. a republic monarc hy democr acy theocrac y 4 points Question 5
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Differences in how the Hellenists governed the lands that Alexander had conquered.docx