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2 elizabeth's troublesome brother-in-law 3 a device used to measure the angular distance of the pole star above the horizon 4 a popular entertainment, much enjoyed by henry viii, was often held in theaters 9 martin luther nailed his _______ _______ _______ to the cathedral door ( 10 the smooth-bore, single-shot firearm carried by many soldiers in the late 16th century 13 the meridian than encircles the globe at 0 degrees 15 the religious movement begun by martin luther 16 _________ was a well-known female italian painter in 17th-century england 18 insane people sent to this hospital on the outskirts of london were considered ________ ________ ) 20 rule of the men 22 the standard european vessel used for voyages of exploration 23 ________ ____ had six wives ) 25 an indispensable tool for writing Shakespeare's plays () 29 women in the early modern period were considered to the ________ ________ 30 the popular nickname of mary i tudor () 32 ________ ____ ________ was the first european to reach india by sea ( 34 close male friends were often called ________ ________ () 38 the royal navy used ________ to great effect against spanish ships 40 henry viii's reformation created the ________ church (or the church of england) 41 homosexual acts were known as _________ in shakespearean england 42 henry viii asked pope leo x for an _________ of his marriage to catherine of aragon 45 at shakespeare's birth, his mother would have been attend by a _________ 46 the english defeated philip ii's ________ in 1588 48 the censor of plays in england was the Master of ________ 

5 in 1588, elizabeth claimed that she possessed the ________ and ________ of a king (2 6 sturdy beggars or unemployed employables 7 ironically, roger the raker drowned in his own ________ 8 the king of spices 11 to travel around the world 12 the professor reads the lesson to the class 14 arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy 17 a local judicial official responsible for a great deal of english governance 19 a major trading port in southwest india 21 ________ ________ was common practice in shakespearean theater and for women wanting to see a different side of life) 24 by the 16th century, new taxes in england had to be approved in _________ 26 the first englishman to sail around the world () 27 elizabeth i's political enemies might find themselves imprisoned in the ________ 28 shakespeare's wife or star of "the devil wears prada" () 31 henry viii abandoned his first wife for this woman ) 33 the dynasty that ruled england in the 16th century 35 one of the effects of henry viii's religious reforms was the abolition of __________ along with their schools and hospitals 36 nearly every trade in the 16th century was controlled by a ________ 37 harry potter got his school supplies in this medieval street 39 the best english warships in 1588 were called race-built ________ 41 shakespeare was born at _________ on avon 43 sailing vessels used the _______ ________ to propel them on their long voyages 44 university towns were frequently plagued by riots between ________ and ________ 47 shakespeare's "macbeth" and james i's "demonology" reflected the ________ ________ sweeping england and the continent in the late 16th century 49 for a time, shakespeare worked as a _________ in an attorney's office 50 in 1492, ________ sailed the ocean blue 51 english universities were strongly influenced in the 16th century by renaissance ________ 52 culturally constructed view of the sexes 53 the suburb of london located on the south shore of the Thames River where the globe theatre was sited 

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