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1. Summarize the main goal of Ivan Denisovich Shukhov while he is in the gulag.  Identify small acts of rebellion that Shukhov will occasionally commit.

2. Discuss the role of religion and religious expression in the camp.

3. Describe a meal and explain why meals and meal-time were so important.

4. Describe medical care in the gulag.

5. Discuss the meaning of "How can you expect a man who's warm to understand a man who's cold?"

6. Summarize the position and role of the squad leader.

7. Explain and give an example of what Ivan meant when he notes (on page 44) that "if you don't use your teeth you get nothing."

8. Discuss why the men of the gulag were actually productive, worked, and did so without pay.

9. Explain why Shukhov was in the gulag.

10. Describe the work that the men did.

11. Summarize how the men stayed warm in weather with subzero temperatures.

12. If you were a soldier-guard at a gulag, describe your work and life.

13. Explain why zeks would sometimes express disapproval of one of their own or even attack and kill one another.

14. Summarize how a person survives in a forced-labor camp.

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