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I need an expert in World History after 1800, who can help me giving

me insightful answers on attached file questions which I need to be prepared for an exam. Please write me a perfect essay prompt to those questions. (Please try your focus on giving me insightful answers rather than making the quality of writing)
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Long Essay (40 points total) : Four questions are posted below. Two of the following questions will appear on your exam and you will choose to answer one question. Every student’s essay will vary in length depending upon his or her writing style. You want to be as complete and specific in your answer as possible. Your essay should have an introduction with a thesis statement, a series of body paragraphs, and a conclusion that reiterates your points. If a question is made up of multiple sub- questions then you are expected to answer all of the sub-questions. This section is worth 40% of your overall grade on the exam. Essay Questions 1 A historian has argued that the 20 th Century should be known as the “Century of the War.” What do you think this historian means by this? How have the wars we have covered in class helped shape the political, social, and economic development of various nations? How has the development and intensity of nationalism influenced war like behavior among competing nations? What is the relationship between warfare and technology? In your answer you must give at least two examples to each question from the following categories: Wars of Independence and/or Revolutionary Wars, Civil Wars, World Wars, and Cold War conflicts. 2 From 1775 to 1945 industrialized nations made strenuous efforts to colonize non-industrialized nations. What were the causes and effects of these colonization efforts? Industrial nations depicted these colonization efforts as “missions to civilize” or “racial uplift.” Were their colonization efforts as beneficial as they portray? What were the long term consequences of the peoples and cultures that were colonized by industrial nations from 1775-1945? In your essay you must provide at least three examples for each question from the following regions: South Asia (including India and Vietnam), Africa, and East Asia (including China, Korea, the Philippines). 3 Over the last two hundred years what has been the development and influence of socialist and communist thought and practice? How would you define socialism and communism? How and why has it emerged across the world when it did? What has been its political, social and economic impact during the 19 th and 20 th century particularly in the Russia, Europe, the Mid-East, East Asia and Latin America? How have communism and socialism evolved over time? As globalization further integrates the world’s economies, is there a place for communism and socialism to exist? 4 From 1945 to 1992, the struggle between the Soviet Union and the United States, known as the Cold War, played out in the developing world. What did this struggle look like? Who did the Soviet Union support; conversely who did the United States support? Why did the United States ultimately win this long term struggle and what were the consequences of its triumph? In your answer you must provide two examples from each region: East Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.
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Long Essay (40 points total): Four questions are posted below. Two of the following questions will appear on your exam and you will choose to answer...
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