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COOM 322 Dr. O'Leary Final Paper Yao Cheng Part One: I recently had an argument with my mother about the importance of internship and study. I held...

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COOM 322 Dr. O’Leary Final Paper Yao Cheng Part One: I recently had an argument with my mother about the importance of internship and study. I held the idea that study is more important because first of all, I will never have a better time than college years to focus on one or two academic fields and do as much reading as possible to enrich my professional knowledge in these fields. Secondly, my professional knowledge and ability to study is the most important reason that I went to a college rather than working after graduating from my high school. However, since I already have an internship at Disney Marvel Studio, television department, which is a good opportunity for me to network with people and enter entertainment industry, my mother wonders I should continue to search for a better internship opportunity for next semester and fill my resume. Moreover, she feels like if I continue doing internships, the possibility of finding a job after graduation will be much higher. Therefore we began to argue whether I should continue to find an internship in the next semester or go to library to do more reading. I ended up with successfully persuading her to allow me do more reading throughout the next year instead of having another internship. There are two senses of the term “argument” in communication theories. One refers to the claims that people make, supported by reasons such as, “He made an argument.” Another refers to the type of interactions in which the claims are developed such as, “they had an argument.” Therefore, in my opinion, the argument that took place between my mother and I should belong to the second type of argument because of the process of our interaction. However, if only referring to the “argument”, each of us made, such as my argument about regarding my desire to study more rather than doing internship, then the “argument” that each of us had, is Argument One. It is possible to make Argument One without engaging in disputes or disagreements (Argument Two); however, it is not possible to have disputes (Argument Two) without making knowledge claims (Argument One.) The whole process of this argument is long and my mother’s argument is that, I should continue my internship next semester in order to increase the possibility to find a job after graduation. Even though she might not realize, she failed to use strict Toulmin Model to argue with me. Toulmin Model refers to a useful tool for understanding the components of argument. It provides insight into the reasoning process that arguers use. Toulmin model is made up of six elements: claim, grounds, warrants, backing, modality and rebuttal. A claim is the statement that arguer seeks to convince the audience to accept. Obviously my mother’s claim, in this respect, should be “I should continue searching for internship next semester.” The ground usually refers to the evidence an arguer offers in support of his or her claim. Therefore, my mother set up her grounds by saying that having as many internships as possible can first of all, fill my resume that will make me different from a lot of job hunters in the future, secondly, it can provide me a real- world professional platform to network with more people in this industry who will potentially be able to help me in the future. The warrant in her argument, which often relates to a reasoning permits an inferential leap between the claim and the grounds. My mother’s warrant is that, it is
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really important and emergent for me to continue my internship next semester. The backing often refers to the evidence that can support the warrant. My mother’s backing is when she talks about a lot of Chinese college students who cannot find jobs after graduation because they never do any internship and therefore, do not have any useful social network resources or working experience. She makes a comparison between Chinese college students and me. The comparison is between a Chinese student who goes to an American university to demonstrate the urgency and the importance for me to continue doing internship. A modality refers to the degree of certainty the advocate has to prove the truth of the claim and a rebuttal refers to any exceptions of the claim. However, my mother’s argument does not include any modalities or rebuttals which made her claim less objective. I used Hollihan & Baaske’s stock issue theory to argue with my mother because first of all, only myself can really understand my strength and weakness, what I need and what I should do to reinforce. Stock issue theory includes ill, blame, cure and cost. Therefore, if a person knows about the ill, he or she should be able to stock issue theory to make the argument. Moreover, ill challenges the advocate to analyze the proportion by considering the inadequacies or problem in the existing system. I am the person who wants to change the current situation, in my case which is to stop doing internship next semester and stay in libraries to do more reading. Thus, using stock issue theory should be effective for me to argue with my mother. In my argument, the ill, or the problem is that, although I am doing fine with my current internship and my colleagues like working with me, I feel a strong desire to enrich my professional and academic knowledge. I am a film critical studies and communication major’s student, indicating that I should know, or my future employers will expect me to be more knowledgeable in these two fields. However, my knowledge of the film industry and communication industry in terms of film history, the artistic value of film, communication tools and communication theories, only limit to what I have learnt from my class. Therefore, I have a strong desire to do more academic reading in the last year of my college life. After clearly stating my problem, I stated the blame of my argument, which refers to my attempts to assign responsibility for the existence of my current problem. My blame in this regards should be that, taking an internship will occupy a great amount of my study time and therefore, will prevent me from gaining more useful academic knowledge that I am supposed to do during my college years. The cure of stock issue theory is usually a new policy that advocates that believes will remedy the ill. Therefore, my cure for this argument is obviously of not doing an internship next semester and concentrating on my academic study to continue richer reading to enrich my knowledge about my professional fields. However, I also need to take consideration of the possible cost of changing the currency that I might lose some good opportunities to intern for some big entertainment companies next semester because, based on my good reviews from Marvel, my supervisor told me she would love to write reference letters for me to help me get a better internship or job. However, even if I get a better opportunity to work for other studio such as Paramount or Warner Bro., I will still need a strong professional background to support me for my future career or possible promotions. During the whole process of arguing with my mother, I used the theory of stasis, also called establishing the point of clash, ending up with successfully persuading her. There are four aspects of stasis theory: conjecturing about a fact, definition, quality and objection. Conjecturing about a fact often means that the arguer seeks to establish or dispute a material claim. Definition
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COOM 322
Dr. O’Leary
Final Paper
Yao Cheng
Part One:
I recently had an argument with my mother about the importance of internship and study.
I held the idea that study is more important because...

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