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500 to 600 words your essay should include the following: An...

500 to 600 words your essay should include the following: An introductory paragraph sharing what the essay is about; Your reasons for seeking a college degree; Your learning style, as shared by the inventories taken (be sure to include which of the four you took and cite the source using the author and year); Whether you agree or disagree with the results of those inventories and why; and A strong concluding paragraph that summarizes the key points of the essay. Your essay is to follow basic APA format. Therefore, please include a title page and be sure that your text is double spaced throughout. So that you can focus more on content and less on mechanics, please be sure use the template provided. Also, under each link above you will find the proper format for in-text citations and for the reference page. Provided are two sources that may help you with in-text citations and reference pages - OWL at Purdue In-Text Citations: The Basics and OWL at Purdue Reference List: Basic Rules. Again, the focus for this assignment is more content than mechanics, however, this is a good introduction to what we will be learning in subsequent lessons on formatting and writing for college level work. Due to the personal nature of this essay, you may use "I" statements without penalty.

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