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Grammar and mechanics are nothing more than the way words are combined into sentences. Usage is the way words are used by a network of peoplein this...

I need help comparing my answers to something. questions 1-60
Grammar and mechanics are nothing more than the way words are combined into sentences. Usage is the way words are used by a network of people in this case, the community of businesspeople who use English. You ll find it easier to get along in this community if you know the accepted standards of grammar, mechanics, and usage. This handbook offers you valuable opportunities in two sections: Diagnostic Test of English Skills. Testing your current knowledge of grammar, mechanics, and usage helps you find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This test offers 60 items taken from the topics included in this Handbook. Assessment of English Skills. After completing the diagnostic test, use the assessment form to highlight those areas you most need to review. To quickly review the basics, you can visit www.prenhall. com/bovee and select Handbook of Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage Practice Sessions. Test yourself and reinforce what you learn. Use this essential review not only to study and improve your English skills but also as a reference for any questions you may have during this course. Without a firm grasp of the basics of grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and vocabulary, you risk being misunderstood, damaging your company s image, losing money for your company, and possibly even losing your job. However, once you develop strong English skills, you will create clear and concise messages, you will enhance your company s image as well as your own, and you will not only increase your company s profits but expand your own chances of success. Diagnostic Test of English Skills Use this test to help you determine whether you need more practice with grammar, punctuation, mechanics, or vocabulary. When you ve answered all the questions, ask your instructor for an answer sheet so that you can score the test. On the Assessment of English Skills form (page H-3), record the number of questions you answered correctly in each section. The following choices apply to items 1 10. In each blank, write the letter of the choice that best describes the problem with each sentence. A. sentence incomplete B. too many phrases/clauses strung together Handbook of Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage C. modifying elements misplaced (dangling) D. structure not parallel E. nothing wrong ____ 1. Stop here. ____ 2. Your duties are interviewing, hiring, and also to fire employees. ____ 3. After their presentation, I was still undecided. ____ 4. Speaking freely, the stock was considered a bargain. ____ 5. Margaret, pressed for time, turned in unusually sloppy work. ____ 6. Typing and filing, routine office chores. ____ 7. With care, edit the report. ____ 8. When Paul came to work here, he brought some outmoded ideas, now he has accepted our modern methods. ____ 9. To plan is better than improvising. ____ 10. Hoping to improve performance, practice is advisable. The following choices apply to items 11 20. In each blank, write the letter of the choice that identifies the underlined word(s) in each sentence. A. subject B. predicate (verb) C. object D. modifier E. conjunction/preposition ____ 11. Take his memo upstairs. ____ 12. Before leaving, he repaired the photocopier. ____ 13. Velnor, Inc.,will soon introduce a new product line. ____ 14. We must hire only qualified, ambitious graduates. ____ 15. They are having trouble with their quality control systems. ____ 16. After she wrote the report, Jill waited eagerly for a response. ____ 17. The route to the plant isn t paved yet. ____ 18. See me after the meeting. ____ 19. Your new home is ready and waiting. ____ 20. BFL is large but caring. H-1
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H-2 HANDBOOK OF GRAMMAR, MECHANICS, AND USAGE In the blanks for items 21 30, write the letter of the word that best completes each sentence. ____ 21. Starbucks (A. is, B. are) opening five new stores in San Diego in the next year. ____ 22. There (A. is, B. are) 50 applicants for the job opening. ____ 23. Anyone who wants to be (A. their, B. his or her) own boss should think about owning a franchise. ____ 24. Neither of us (A. was, B. were) prepared for the meeting. ____ 25. Another characteristic of a small business is that (A. they tend, B. it tends) to be more innovative than larger firms. ____ 26. After he had (A. saw, B. seen) the revised budget, Raymond knew he wouldn t be getting a new desk. ____ 27. The number of women-owned small businesses (A. has, B. have) increased sharply in the past two decades. ____ 28. If I (A. was, B. were) you, I d stop sending personal e-mails at work. ____ 29. Eugene (A. lay, B. laid) the files on the desk. ____ 30. Either FedEx or UPS (A. has, B. have) been chosen as our preferred shipping service. The following choices apply to items 31 40. In each blank, write the letter of the choice that best describes each sentence. A. all punctuation used correctly B. some punctuation used incorrectly or incorrectly omitted ____ 31. The president who rarely gave interviews, agreed to write an article for the company newsletter. ____ 32. Give the assignment to Karen Schiff, the new technical writer. ____ 33. Could you please send a replacement for Item No. 3 303. ____ 34. Debbie said that, technicians must have technical degrees. ____ 35. We ll have branches in Bakersfield, California, Reno, Nevada, and Medford, Oregon. ____ 36. Before leaving her secretary finished typing the memo. ____ 37. How many of you consider yourselves computer literate? ____ 38. This, then, is our goal: to increase market share by 50 percent. ____ 39. They plan to move soon, however, they still should be invited. ____ 40. Health, wealth, and happiness those are my personal goals. The following choices apply to items 41 50. In each blank, write the letter of the choice that best describes the problem with each sentence. A. error in punctuation B. error in use of abbreviations or symbols C. error in use of numbers D. error in capitalization E. no errors ____ 41. Most of last year s sales came from the midwest. ____ 42. We can provide the items you are looking for @ $2 each. ____ 43. Alex noted: few of our competitors have tried this approach. ____ 44. Address the letter to professor Elliott Barker, Psychology Department, North Dakota State University. ____ 45. They ve recorded 22 complaints since yesterday, all of them from long-time employees. ____ 46. Leslie s presentation New Markets for the Nineties was well organized. ____ 47. We re having a sale in the childrens department, beginning Wednesday, August 15. ____ 48. About 50 of the newly inducted members will be present. ____ 49. Mister Spencer has asked me to find ten volunteers. ____ 50. Let s meet in Beth and Larry s office at one o clock. In the blanks for items 51 60, write the letter of the word that best completes each sentence. ____ 51. Will having a degree (A. affect, B. effect) my chances for promotion? ____ 52. Place the latest drawings (A. beside, B. besides) the others. ____ 53. Try not to (A. loose, B. lose) this key; we will charge you a fee to replace it. ____ 54. Let us help you choose the right tie to (A. complement, B. compliment) your look. ____ 55. The five interviewers should discuss the candidates qualifications (A. among, B. between) themselves. ____ 56. New employees spend their time looking for (A. perspective, B. prospective) clients. ____ 57. Are the goods you received different (A. from, B. than) the goods you ordered? ____ 58. He took those courses to (A. farther, B. further) his career. ____ 59. We are (A. anxious, B. eager) to see you next Thursday. ____ 60. All commissions will be (A. disbursed, B. dispensed, C. dispersed) on the second Friday of every month.
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