Please help with assignment. ONE essay required. based on content...

Please help with assignment. ONE essay required. based on content from chapters 1-3 of Sayre's textbook with an emphasis on the content of chapter 3 (ancient Egypt).

Select ONE option from the list of theses provided in attached and write a defense of the thesis selected. One's defense should attain at least two double-spaced pages of writing.


Please see attached 

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HUM 211 CHAPTERS 1-3: INSTRUCTOR’S NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS SPRING 2017 FLEETWOOD The following appear very much in bulleted note form, rather than as an organized lecture. However, some±mes paragraph wri±ng is used in order to explain a point be²er. These highly selec±ve observa±ons are not intended to subsTtute for the textbook accounts of the topics studied; they are intended to be interpre±ve addi±ons to and enhancements of the textbook material. For Chapter 1 it is helpful to have watched two videos: “How Art Made the World” episodes 1 and 2; “Guns, Germs, and Steel” episode 1 (Jared Diamond). Both can be found on Youtube. CHAP±ER 1: ORIGINS; PREHIS±ORIC CUL±URE (S) When studying prehistoric peoples, we must rely on analy±cal interpreta±ons of objec±ve human products le³ behind without bene´t of wri±ng to discern self- expression of what life was like experien±ally for such peoples. This contrasts hugely with the cultures of the ´rst “civiliza±ons.” We must add that much may be inferred from listening to the oral tes±mony of present day prehistoric peoples—a few such groups s±ll exist with no interest in being “modernized.” A major dimension of this class is to reµect on what it means to be human and what human beings have experienced over the centuries from culture to culture, with a special focus on the “Western” stream of cultural history. It should be clear from chapter 1 reading that wherever we ´nd a dis±nc±ve human presence, we ´nd products that reveal intellectual and emo±onal intenTonality and design—formal burial sites, cave art, Venus Fgurines, bone dwellings, po²ery, monoliths, etc. We do not ´nd such “ar±facts” associated with non- human creatures. Moreover, it appears that nothing we ´nd may be reduced in meaning to merely prac±cal u±lity to serve only material survival or material wellbeing. Aesthe±c percep±on and value— AR± —is demonstrated in everything. Moreover, existenTal meaning also is everywhere evident: religious/spiritual/ethical/poli±cal percep±ons are clear from what appears to be symbolic design. People seem always to have struggled to capture the ul±mate meanings and explana±ons of why things are what they are. It should be clear that geography and the material condiTons of life play a huge role in the cultural shape and life experience of di¶erent human groups. The horizon of what is “thinkable” and how a people’s thinking is manifested in what they make (everything in their culture) are greatly inµuenced by a par±cular climate and a par±cular set of resources to which they have access. This is not to say that human thought and life are determined (in a strong causal sense) by the material condi±ons of a par±cular ±me and
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USI HUM 211.NO1 and NO2: ESSAY WRITING 3 (Week 3) SPRING 2017 FLEETWOOD The essay writng ±o be done for Week 3 is based on con±en± from chap±ers 1-3 of Sayre’s ±ex±book wi±h an emphasis on ±he con±en± of chap±er 3 (ancien± Egyp±). The already pos±ed Ins±ruc±or’s No±es for chap±ers 1-3 will be useful for ±his week’s essay writng. To comple±e your essay writng for This week , you need only wri±e ±o wri±e ONE essay. Selec± ONE opton from ±he lis± of ±heses provided below and wri±e a defense of ±he ±hesis selec±ed. One’s defense should a²ain a± leas± ±wo double- spaced pages of writng. Below, I have repea±ed ±he overall expec±atons for essay writng ±ha± were s±a±ed for las± week’s assignmen±. These expec±atons will be repea±ed each week ±ha± we do essay writng. Of course, sTrucTurally speaking, one should follow The sTandard rules of essay writng: inTro paragraph; body; conclusion . If a partcular ±hesis s±a±emen± found below is no± worded exac±ly ±he way one prefers, feel free ±o adap± i± ±o one’s partcular in±erpre±aton of ±he general con±en± ±o which i± refers. Remember, academically, a “±hesis” is a poinT of view on some given ±opic; and no poin± of view is beyond being con±es±ed. If one holds a poin± of view on a given ±opic, ±he assumpton is ±ha± one can defend i± ratonally ±hrough presen±aton of relevan± fac±ual evidence and solid logic. The “evidence” used in one’s defense should be derived from ±he assigned reading (±ex±book and Ins±ruc±or No±es) and/or sugges±ed documen±aries. I± also means ±ha± on ±ha± same ±opic ano±her person can cons±ruc± an al±ernatve poin± of view (±hesis), presentng coun±er-evidence and coun±er-logic ±o defend ±heir in±ellec±ual choice. Remember ±ha± none of ±he language being used here has any±hing wha±soever ±o do wi±h ±he super³cial conjuring of “opinions” on a ±opic; opinions ±ypically appear as mere assertons abou± a ±opic wi±hou± presentng sound evidence or sound logic. I do no± wan± “essays” (if one can call ±hem ±ha±) made up of a series of opinions, of mere, unfounded assertons. Moreover, I am no± looking for a mere reportng of
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