Module 04 Written Assignment - Compare/Contrast Two Native American Writers

Compare and contrast two Native American writers (compare an early to a recent Native American writer or compare two writers that captivated your interest). Consider how dialogue, description, and details are used or explore significant changes in voice, theme, and characterization in these stories about diversity in America. Respond in a five-paragraph APA essay format with quotes, proper in-text citations, and references.

Reading - The book for this course can be accessed by clicking this link.

  • Charles Alexander Eastman
    • Winona, the Child Woman from Old Indian Days(courtesy of Project Gutenburg)
  • Helen Hunt Jackson
    • A Century of Dishonor
  • Sherman J. Alexie, Jr.
    • Flight
  • N. Scott Momaday
    • The Priest of the Sun"The Priest of the Sun" is located in Chapter 2 of the eBook "House Made of Dawn." You can find this eBook in the database 3M. For information on using 3M, click here:
  • Simon J. Ortiz
    • Men on the Moon

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