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Leadership Audit Analysis

Submitted to Dr. William Donelson 

in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of

Lead 510 - b06

Biblical Foundations of Leadership 


Sydney Hobbs

June 16, 2019 


Introduction 3

Christian Leader 4

Servant Leader 4

Credibility 5

Spiritual Gifts 5

Natural Gifts 6

Passion 6

Character Audit 7

Rational Skills 7

Task Skulls 8

Leadership Style 8

Structure 9

Values 9

Circumstance 10

Fit 10

Conclusion 11

Bibliography 13


Leadership is an important factor in any circumstance. Everyone is a leader in their own way. Often times people don't want to take a leadership role because it can be difficult. Leader ship comes in all shapes and sizes. There are several different types of leaders and those leaders have their own characteristics. Leader ship is not dictatorship. You truly are of God understands the messenger and follows the message. God will lead them to help guide others and work with them to create a better life and a better kingdom of God. Leadership is important to have a understand, because we need to leaders to serve and to stand up for those all around. Leaders I have a lot of responsibility and a lot of things I need to do in order to become a strong and faithful leader. It is not just happen overnight. It takes time, faith and responsibility. However, if leaders want to take the steps to become the best they can be to create a great ministry and help all those around them. Leaders can do great things in the world with Gods help.

In this paper I will be going through many aspects of the book by Aubrey Malphurs called Being Leaders: The Nature of Authentic Christian Leadership. This book was very eye-opening and very informational into how to become a good leader in different aspects of being a leader. The topics that will be discussed throughout this paper are Christian Leader, Servant Leader, Credibility, Spiritual Gifts, Natural Gifts, Passion, Character Audit, Relational Skills, Task Skills, Leadership Style: Structure, Values, Circumstances and 

Fit. These topics shape and form up with the leaders. Reading this book it made me think about my leadership skills and all those other topics and taught me how to be a better leader in ministry and in life.

Christian Leader

First a Christian leader has to be a believer of God. People need to be a believer and follower in Christ. Another part of being a Christian leader "is that his or her source of truth is divine revelation. We should not be surprised that our God, who is rich in mercy and grace, has chosen to reveal himself to us. And this divine revelation is twofold: special revelation and general revelation." A Christian leader can help all those around. Christian leaders get called down all different paths by God. We need Christian leaders to help guide those who have questions or who need guidance. God can guide the Christian leaders to become strong and remarkable people in others lives. There are many things to describe a leader, and "the key to any kind of leadership is the leader's character." I have always looked up to the leaders in my life and that is what has made me a strong leader and a faithful leader. As always in anyones life there is room to grow.

Servant Leader

It is often hard to be a servant leader. Humans want and need so much in our lives. We often just want to focus on oneself. However, being a servant s also a blessing and reward. Jesus was a servant. Jesus served his disciples. In one way was when he washed the disciples feet.Jesus had meaning in everything he ever did. Washing the feet of the disciples was meaningful and powerful. Allow us to be like Jesus and serve those all around us and be selfless. People need to see the Bible and understand that a " biblical image that is the most common and dominant for leaders is that of a servant." God can be a blessing to all those and if we serve him and serve his children then we will have blessings in our life. 


Leadership "can take place only when people make a conscious decision." Leaders need to believe in order to understand and grasp what the true messages is, because "If you don't believe in the messenger, you won't believe the message." This is of great importance, because if people do not understand and believe the messenger how will they understand the message? If people truly want to understand and grasp the message; they must put their full faith into the message.  Credibility is all about trust. If a person does not have credibility or of a group of people doesn't have credibility such as a pastor or the board they won't trust each other. However, if they have a strong stance and strong credibility and trust each other; then they can move forward and create a strong kingdom of God for the people. 

Spiritual Gifts

Everyone has spiritual gifts. God "has given them the necessary gifts and abilities to lead and serve in their ministry." These gifts that God gives us we should not take for granted and never explore them. People should take these gifts and learn how to use them to help others to better the kingdom of God and allow people to find their worth. Along with spiritual gifts people also have natural gifts. Those gifts are just as important to be used. Mulphur gave a perfect example of the gifts that people have. He said, " For example, a pastor may have a natural gift of leadership along with spiritual gifts of evangelism and teaching." Often people don't know their spiritual gifts and that is alright. It was a great test in the back of this book that explains what spiritual gifts you have and good explanations of all the gifts . Everyone has a gift that they can use. 

Natural Gifts:

Natural gifts are just as important as spiritual gifts. As it was said in the gifts. Mulphers said, "For example, a pastor may have a natural gift of leadership along with spiritual gifts of evangelism and teaching." This is important understand because our spiritual gifts can help our natural gifts in our natural gifts can help with their spiritual gifts. If someone is a good public speaker and God gives them the heart to speak in ministry then making me an amazing speaker of the truth of God. Everyone has gifts. Everyone has natural gifts and spiritual gifts. They can use both those gifts together to create a strong and powerful ministry. People need to find what their natural gifts are and once they do that they can find out what their spiritual gifts are and listen to what God is calling them to do and go forward and do the work of God.


Passion is a huge part of peoples lives. People follow their passion. Often times when people don't have passion in what they do they don't really want to go on. Passion "is all about how deeply we care or how strongly we feel about some aspect of our life and vision. People need passion in their lives to have a fulfilled life. Every "leader has passion, and passionate leaders convey energy, excitement, and intensity that inspire and grip followers." If people don't have passion in what they do they don't have life in their eyes and in their spirit. It's like they're living in the dark going on day by day. However, if they do have passion them every day is exciting and they bring excitement into other peoples lives. Finding your passion is important to live a whole and great life.


A Christian "leader is godly character." A good character is important to have. Wether you are a Christian or not a good character is necessary to a strong and good leader. The most important "key to any kind of leadership is the leader's character." People need to focus on their character and make it stronger, so that they can be a positive and good to leader to those all around them. Godly "character is the essential ingredient that qualifies Christians to lead others. " Character is so important when dealing with leaders, because people do not want to see someone who is negative or bad character. People can not look up to those people, but with someone who has good character people will trust and see them as a leader.      

Relational Skills

We are all strong in different types of skills. Like gifts we all are good and are gifted with different types of skills.. the difference is that people are have serval skills and work on the ones that they are bad at, so that they can become stronger. People need to have skills to get a job, to get through school and to become a strong leader. Leaders have skills and also take the step to learn more skills. A good leader learns from others and takes that knowledge to teach others. We all have different skills. If people work together as a team; then they can use their skills to accomplish so much. God gives us gifts and skills, so that we can help guide one another and help work with one another to grow Gods kingdom. Allow people to look at the world and see the potential that everyone has within them to get things accomplished. 

Task Skills

Task skills come from the Great Commission. In Matthew 28:19-20 the passage says, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Some of these skills are "preaching, teaching, researching, values discovery, communicating, communicating mission, envisioning, strategizing, reflecting, time management, stress management, technology, prioritizing, writing, planning, making presentations, monitoring, evaluating, and others." One skill that is over looked is Creativity. Creativity "looks at forms or methods through a set of lenses that is different from the usual and comes up with innovative insights and ways to accomplish a task." Allow us to not overlook these skills.

Leadership Style

Leadership "is all about influence." A leader has so much more to it then we think. To "be a leader, you must have followers. But what is a follower?" Leaders are very influential. In order to be a good leader we must have good character, skills and use our gifts that we were given by God. Leaders need to be strong and empathetic. Leaders need to set a good example and help those all around. We are disciples of God and we need to grow God's ministry. We will create followers of God and lead them to the gospel and to God through word. Like spiritual gifts God gives us different styles of leader ship. Allow us to learn those styles and be the best that we can be.


Structure is very important when discussing ministry. The church and the people need structure in order to do tasks and move forward in expanding ministry and giving the message to the people. Ministry is not an easy task. This is why ministry needs structure, because it takes a lot of work and a lot of people to help guide and lead people into God's kingdom. A "ministry's structure or organization includes the characteristic forms that people use to relate to one another." Structure "signals what individuals are responsible for; where in the organization, with whom, and for whom they work; and what power they have. A ministry's structure is either centralized (vertical) or decentralized (horizontal)." It is important to know from the beginning how do you want to structure your ministry so it can be successful and bring out the best leaders. 


Values are very important when it comes to a leader and a church. A leader "brings numerous components to a ministry culture, including capabilities, values, motives, and beliefs." We need to understand our values and make a stance, so that we can become a stronger leader. There are many aspects leaders need to have such as "doctrinal beliefs, core ministry values, leadership style, leadership capabilities, theology and philosophy of ministry, and your ideal ministry circumstances." These all come together to form a strong value and a strong leader. We must hold on to our values, because our values are very important and being a leader. We miss never change our values for anyone. If we stick to our values and guide people then that is what makes us a strong leader. Allow us not to be shaken by other people. 


There are many things that go into circumstance. When being a leader and going into ministry there are many things to look at. You can't just go into it and have everything done and perfect all at once. It will take a lot of time to create and build a ministry. You have to answer a lot of questions about what you want your ministry to be and look like. For example when becoming a leader in a ministry role you have to figure out what you want your church to be, what is the size of your church and what the location will be. These are all very important things and this can determine how your church is going to be. Circumstance is very important and sometimes people do not pay much attention to it.  A church needs to be organized and put together so that they can thrive and create a wonderful ministry that can help create leaders and also lead people in the right direction into where they want to go. When I look at my circumstance I need to see where my life is headed and how I want to live my life. Right now I can do anything I want. Nothing is holding me back. Once I get a job I hope I can get a job in the state and hospital I want. I can pray every day that God sends me down there right direction .


Often times we want to make things work. That doesn't happen a lot of the times. God has a plan for all of us and sometimes we cannot make things fit in to the scheme of things. We try and make things happen so that we can make a better ministry or be closer to God. However, sometimes things don't fit the way we want them to. Sometimes we may need to take a different approach and make it fit another way. Often times people try so hard to fit into God's plan and can't get anywhere. This is the time where we need to take a step back and pray. I have done that before I felt like I couldn't fit into the situation I was in and I prayed and God listened and things begin to start happening. Allow us not to be so worried about everything and take a step back and realize God is on our side and he is listening to us  


In closing, one action point that I would like to focus on in writing this paper is my natural gifts and spiritual gifts. When I was reading the book the author said natural gifts can go with your spiritual gifts. My natural gift is that I am out going and I love talking to people. My spiritual gift is that helping people in their time of need. Going throughout my life I always loved talking to new people and helping people. As I got older and God led me in the direction of becoming a chaplain. I never thought it would be possible, but going through my undergrad and learning more and more about myself and about my relationship with God and ministry I realize that this is my calling. I just need to take both of these gifts and expand my ministry. I often felt like I was not good enough, but reading through this book and learning about leadership and beyond leadership it made me realize that I can do anything as long as I use the gifts that God gave me to help expand his ministry. I will never be alone in anything I do. I can go as far as I want. The key is to always have faith and to keep learning. Learning can help expands minds and the ministry.

My second action point is about values. Everyone growing up has values. Children get their values from family and if they are a Christian they get a lot of their values from church. However, when you're on your own and you're going to college and being around friends sometimes those values can change. Especially when you look on the news and see everything that is happening your values can quickly change. My values did change a little bit as I grew up and went to college and now that I am on my own. I have felt like they have changed for the better. Often times people think you're a millennial you don't really know much. However, I have God in my heart and I know what he wants me to do and I want to stand up for those all around us. Values can change, but allow them to change for the better allow them to expand into something that you may have never thought possible. Values are important to a person. My values are important. Many people have different values, but that is OK because I can start a great conversation. Allow nothing to get in the way of growing God's love and ministry.


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