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Reflective Writing:See course modules and instructions:

Public Health "End of Semester" Final Clinical Journal/Reflection

  1. Give an example of how caring and nurturing a caring connection with clients was demonstrated by you this semester.
  2. Give an example of how you provided patient-centered education for clients this semester.
  3. Give examples of how health promotion, primary, secondary, and tertiary disease prevention was demonstrated during your clinical this semester.
  4. Choose one of your clinical experiences. Give an example of how the work provided during this experience promoted the health of the entire community?
  5. Discuss how completing the LWW Module 7 Virtual Experience: Case Management -Transitions of Care: Primary Care Clinic, assisted in furthering your knowledge base regarding, "Preparing and administering medications accurately and safely".
  6. Reflect on the variety of clinical experiences you had this semester. What surprised you about your clinical experiences this semester? How will what you learned this semester change your future nursing practice?
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Reflective Writing: Public Health 'End of Semester' Final Clinical Journal/Reflection See course modules and instructions:
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