Answer the following question? The House of Mirth...

Answer the following question?

The House of Mirth



1. Describe Lily Bart's character as she is presented in the excerpt.

How do outside forces influence Lily's character and actions?

2. What do readers learn about Mrs. Bart's character in the excerpt?

What irony is revealed in Mrs. Bart's—and by extension, Lily's—attitude toward money?

3. Early in the excerpt, Lily wonders, "But why had she failed? Was it her own fault or that of destiny?" How might Mr. and Mrs. Bart's marriage have influenced Lily's views on marriage and money? What did Mr. and Mrs. Bart's roles in the family teach Lily about societal roles for men and women?

4. What is Mrs. Bart's role in Lily's life, both during her childhood and when Lily is an adult?

How has Mrs. Bart influenced Lily's perceptions of money and of Mr. Bart?

5. How have the literary movements of the last two centuries affected us? Realistic novels often focus on ideas of money and class. What themes about class does the excerpt from The House of Mirth suggest? How are these themes presented in the excerpt, and how is that different from what would be expected in a similar novel today?

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