To whoever this may concern, I'm writing a paper about sexuality

in the novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. This is my second draft and would appreciate for you to please go over my paragraphs. I need for you to please revise my paper and comment in particular paragraphs that you feel are not strong or clear enough. I will highly appreciate your time and effort. Thank you!

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The Picture of Dorian Gray : is Homosexuality a Sin? Oscar Wilde’s controversial masterpiece, The Picture of Dorian Gray , is a novel of social denigration that conveys through the characters of Dorian Gray and Basil Hallward how people should live their lives without worrying about what others may think or say about them, as long as they are youthful and attractive. Director Albert Lewin filmed this novel in 1945, in conjunction with a social movement that explains the cutting age art formed in the Victorian era. Some upper class citizens believed this movement had no merit because Oscar Wilde was against society’s views about art and sexuality. For this reason, he wrote this novel as social criticism to depict social mentality. He planned to inspire human beings to become more open minded. However, authorities feared that Wilde was planning to corrupt people’s minds. They feared that he would make society think like him. Throughout the film, there were several homoerotic male scenes between men giving hints about Wilde’s life; some sources questioned Wilde’s sexuality and this frightened human beings of the era. So much was the fear that the wealthy requested Oscar Wilde to be tried to court. They believed that The Picture of Dorian Gray promoted a carefree life, aestheticism, and homosexuality features that were considered intolerable and immoral during the 19 th century. In his bibliography, Oscar Wilde was an author and activist during the Victorian era. This period of history was considered very conservative and unaccepting of other ideas that were not the norm at the time. In other words, the judicial system was very different from the judicial system that we experience today. This difference is the reason why Wilde was tried in court. The reactions from the public to Wilde’s beliefs would be much different today. This proposes the question, can the reason why he was tried be justified during the Victorian era and if it can, would it still be justified today?
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