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Attached below are three members posts for each doc pertaining to...

Attached below are three members posts for each doc pertaining to the written story. I need a half of a page single spaced for each response. Please read attached doc. This is for a creative writing course.

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read and comment on the submissions of other students.        You can start  out by saying what's strong in the piece--it could be the pace, tone,  character or setting--and then let the writer know what questions you  had at the end.        Was there anything that took you out of the story?         Respond to your classmates with helpful specific comments. For  example, if you didn't follow a thought, ask if something was missing  following a certain line. Avoid empty statements like, "I liked it," and  say something specific as, "The choice of calling your friend a  kibblehead was original language."     P lease offer honest and helpful feedback to alert the writer about places he/she might need to change or develop. Try to let people know what works well, and also what needs to be clearer, more original, etc. Complete and submit your first story (approx. 5 pages if it were typed, double-spaced). Submit the story for the professor to read. Keep in mind that when the course is over, your work will vanish, so you may want to keep your work saved in a location outside of the course program. For this story, draw from your past, enhance and change , and tell the story from a first person ( "I" ) perspective. Use something from childhood or young adulthood. But be careful not to write a story geared towards children. The material in What If? is useful to help dive for ideas (for example, the
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