Need a short minimum 500 word essay written on certain art pieces....

Need a short minimum 500 word essay written on certain art pieces. Must watch a couple of short videos. I will do the second half of part one which involves the textbook. Attached all the instructions, please let me know if you have anymore questions really need this done and would appreciate it greatly. 

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Unit 4: Short Essay USF College of the Arts 1 Art and Social Change DUE: Jan. 3 10 points / 10% of final grade Submit your essay via the link provided in Canvas. Your work will be checked via TurnItIn, the University’s plagiarism detection service. How do artists respond to a world in flux, conflict and war? In what ways do artists act as agents of change (or can they?), and what kinds of aesthetic choices do they make to express their ideas? This assignment focuses on artworks and artists across time and cultures that bear witness to societal, political and historical issues. How to Prepare for this Assignment 1. Read the following: Chapter 4.7 Art and War and 4.8 Art of Social Conscience. 2. Watch the video: “Conflict and Resistance” (26 minutes) at this link: 3. Watch the video: “Who’s Afraid of Ai WeiWei?” (17 minutes) at this link. - the site also includes information on the artist. Do ALL of the Following 1. In chapters 4.7 and 4.8 and in the video “Conflict and Resistance” we study how art is utilized as means of expression during times of war and as a form of social or political protest. Use one (1) specific reference to the video “Conflict and Resistance” and one (1) specific reference from the textbook to illustrate your answer to the following questions. The chosen works should be examples that you feel were either exceptional in conveying a message AND/OR ones that you believe were less successful or perhaps un-relatable. a. Can artists or works of art provoke change or transform our way of thinking? Explain your position. b. Which two works did you choose and why (please include the name of the work, the artist, and the date it was made as well as any pertinent historical information related to why you chose it)? What are the messages the works seek to convey? Is the message general and accessible to a wide viewership or is it specialized, requiring some knowledge of the artist’s intent to fully understand? c. In your opinion, what makes the chosen works successful or unsuccessful as a form of protest or documentation?
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