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Hey, i have one assignment, really need to be perfect Please review...

Hey, i have one assignment, really need to be perfect

Please review this site:

I ask that you please review the assignment again and think of this as your own review. You are not to use outside sources except for citing some texts from the exhibition (such as the curatorial statement or explanation of what the show is trying to do)

And please follow these intruction:

  • What museum did you visit? (Provide information about the museum, location, etc.)
  • How was artwork displayed? (Explain the space and how the space encourages  or distracts from the viewing experience)
  • How is information provided for the artworks being displayed? How informative or what types of analytical information is displayed? (Consider yourself as a novice viewer with no art historical background. Do you understand the artwork? Is there enough information presented for you to learn about the artwork?)
  • Please read the curatorial statement for the exhibition and try to find other information regarding the particular exhibition that you visited. How does this information support or inform the visual presentation of artifacts?
  • What aspects of this museum experience might you transfer into your Museum Exhibition project? ( the project about god and king in ancient Egypt)

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