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Final Project: Research Paper. Choose any theme you would prefer to...

Final Project: Research Paper. Choose any theme you would prefer to use based on the attached document. 

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FINAL PROJECT. For your fnal project, you will choose a theme, fnd three expressions o± that theme in three diferent humanities disciplines, describe the three di²erent presentations, and o²er an analysis and re³ection. The skills you need ±or this assignment will be developed and practiced in discussions and other assignments throughout the term You will explore new resources ±or this assignment, and also re³ect on what you've learned in the course, but this is not a traditional research paper You will apply concepts and skills you learn in the class to three di²erent art ±orms Although Part 1 and Part 2 are not heavily weighted, they are required, so your instructor can o²er guidance as you work on the project. Part 1. Choose one o± the ±ollowing themes or propose one o± your own. Explain the reasons ±or your choice. A particular emotion or state o± mind--love, anger, jealousy, ±ear, gratitude, con±usion, etc. A ±airy tale, myth, ±able, or classic story A religious or spiritual lesson—humility, hope, enlightenment, etc. A political or social theme--justice and injustice, social inequality, social progress, political con³ict, etc. Representations o± gender, race, ethnicity A character (real or mythical) Natural ±orces or elements o± the natural world, like weather, animals, landscapes, etc.
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