Good Day Alex! I have a big project coming up in the next few weeks...

Good Day Alex!

I have a big project coming up in the next few weeks with my marketing class.  I have attached the big instructions that will talk about what is due every week.

I would like the subject of the business to be about holistic healthcare the product is a better healthcare systems for Americans.  Feel free to use your imagination with a Company Name etc.  

In Week 1, you will submit a two-page (APA style) description of your business, product, or service for instructor approval of your topic.

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Introduction Product innovation and marketing are the only enduring competitive advantages that companies can use to survive and thrive in the marketplace. In the next seven weeks, you are going to participate in designing and writing a marketing plan for a business, product, or service of your choosing. Your active participation in this project is essential to building your understanding of marketing. Also, you can use a well-written marketing plan to show prospective employers a sample of your work or pitch your idea to investors who may be interested in your venture. A marketing plan is a guide for the marketing activities of an organization for a specified period of time, typically about 5 years. The plan can be used internally to guide the marketing activities or it can be used to communicate with external audiences to raise capital. There are important questions to keep in mind as you design your plan. 1. Is the marketing idea valid? 2. What is unique or distinctive about the product or service that separates it from substitutes and competitors? 3. Does a viable market exist for the product or service? 4. Is the target market large enough, accessible, and capable of purchasing your product or service? 5. Are the financial projections sound? 6. Is the management team competent? 7. How will the investors get their money back with a return on their investments? In order to help you answer these questions and many others, the course provides the following items. Building an Effective Marketing Plan in Appendix A on page 48 of your textbook (it includes an example of a marketing plan). Financial Aspects of Marketing in Appendix B on page 368 of your textbook. A marketing plan outline (see Week 4: Draft Marketing Plan in the Milestone section below). A grading rubric for the marketing plan. Guidelines Your final marketing plan should be between 10–15 pages and must follow all APA guidelines. In Week 1, you will submit a two-page description of your business,
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