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  While Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were superior national...


While Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were superior national leaders, everyday persons also take on the responsibilities and risks of leadership, as illustrated by the characters Jesus in Brady Udall’s “He Becomes Deeply and Famously Drunk” and Robert, the blind man, in Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral.” On the other hand, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross in Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried” believes he has neglected his duties as the leader of his platoon. If you were conducting a leadership workshop for your college or local community, how could you use these individuals to illustrate key points of your presentation? What other examples—contemporary or historical, fictional or factual—might you use to illustrate leadership questions?

1000 words with argument outline Lead-in “hook” sentences, Concise overview of issue/rhetorical context, Explicit claim of fact, value, or policy, Concise summary of key points of opposing viewpoint, concession/ acknowledgement of legitimacy of aspects of this viewpoint, Refutation/counterargument to address weak aspects of viewpoint. Specific proof of claim, Evidence grouped under three or key points strongest point presented last.

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