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Mais Sosunov Professor Rudisel Eng -92 May,20 2014 Essay#1 Draft 3 Working Out: My Life Extender Doing something that we enjoy makes us happy and...

Help needed with a research paper that deals with Education and its impact on adults' health.

There's a reason why I'm posting here, because your help is needed.

7 PAGES MLA FORMAT! Please DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. I will double check on website for plagiarism.

Thesis (work around it): In the United States, education has a great health impact on adults. Adults who have received greater education have achieved healthier lives with larger life expectancies, than those with fewer years of schooling. In addition, the positive health outcomes from education on adults are that they have active lifestyles, healthier behaviors, and better socioeconomic status.

I began working on the paper and will attach the work that I have done so far together with the sources that I will be using. If needed you are not limited to using only these sources as long as there are 6 sources cited. 

An outline that I'm working on will be attached as well.

Please use a quote from each book in regards to health behavior/habit. by Camus Albert "Stranger" Mearsult's character and by Skinner "Beyond Freedom and Dignity".

Mais Sosunov Professor Rudisel Eng -92 May,20 2014 Essay#1 Draft 3 Working Out: My Life Extender Doing something that we enjoy makes us happy and healthy. Some people might say that success is not the key to happiness; instead, happiness is the key to success. If an individual loves what he or she does, they will be successful. I personally enjoy working out because it brings me health and happiness. I was reminded about the importance of doing something enjoyable and about my own love of working out when I read “Water Babies” by Oliver Sacks. I can relate to this article since Sacks enjoys swimming because it makes him feel healthy and happy. When we don't make time to do something enjoyable we feel upset and depressed. When Sacks was a week old his father introduced him to swimming. He mentions that swimming transformed his father from huge and cumbersome on land became a part of water mammal community. Sacks, as well as his father, has found a transformation within himself as “a new being, a new mode of being, in the water”. Sacks has become addicted to swimming and was irritable when he couldn’t swim. He enjoys this activity because it has a major effect on him. When he can swim it affects his mood, makes him feel powerful, healthy, makes him joyous. Swimming also helps him to think clearly and to compose texts. His father, who lived to be ninety-four years old, swam regularly until he died. Sacks believes that swimming helped to extend his life and kept him forever young. In 2014, I first decided to change my lifestyle and by starting to work out. Before that, I  would spend countless hours playing video games and feeling like I had no purpose in life. I 
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began going to the gym, when I realized that everyone around me was healthy while I was  becoming obese. I joined a gym and it became my fitness routine; daily I spent half an hour  doing cardio as well as attempting to bench press. At the beginning, I was only able to do three  repetitions without any weights. It made me feel weak and I noticed that I comforted myself, but  at the same time, I felt great. Never before had I experienced anything so life changing. The next  day I felt pain but that did not stop me from going again. For the first time, I felt a purpose in my life, which was a joyful activity.  I kept going to the gym, and as a result, my body, my attitude and my grades have  improved. While I worked out, I noticed that my brain began to function clearly than before. For  example, before I worked out all I thought about was how to get away from my fat body shape,  but it changes as I worked out. By losing a lot of weight, my brains function has improved and  now I concentrate on all different aspects of my life. I continued at this pace for a month and that is when I noticed changes in my body. The greater the amount of months that passed by, it  became more and more evident that I was becoming a new person. To this day, I enjoy working  out, and it has an important change in my life style. My physical activity helped me to lose a lot  of weight. My weight made me self-conscious before I started working out. I have been working  out for five months now and my new lifestyle is helping me live healthy. Just as working out has had a positive effect on my health, swimming has had a positive effected on Sack’s health. He feels fit and in good shape. The author knows that swimming everyday is good for the human body. Sacks’s father, a swimming champion who won a fifteen- mile competition three years in years in a row, loved swimming more than everything else. Sacks states, “My father called swimming the elixir of life, and certainly it seemed to be so for him: he swam daily, slowing down only slightly with time, until the grand age of ninety-four. I hope I can
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Essay III: Research Paper Analysis—How Did We Get Here? 7-9 pgs, MLA format 40% of course grade Topic/Working Thesis Statement and List of Sources Due Wed. 4/20 (5%) Outline Due Mon. 4/25 (5%) Rough Draft for Workshop Due Wed. 5/4 (10%) As we work through the framework of our society by way of the assigned texts, both written and visual, what shape does (can) one’s identity assume? How are individuals and in turn the multitudes they make up impacted as a result? What similarities persist in spite of the passage of time? What differences can you discern? How has the process of othering contributed to the shape of society today? With these questions in mind, choose an aspect of society that we have discussed over the course of the semester and carefully form a line of inquiry. Select at least three (3) of the assigned works from the semester as sources for your paper. You will need at least three (3) others—two more print sources and one that is a medium of your choice to support your thesis. Choose a topic that you are interested in. Ask yourself the following: What have you wanted to learn more about? About which topic do you feel you are able to articulate your thoughts most effectively? What topics have challenged you so far this semester? What topics have not been covered that you feel compelled to write about? Are there intersections between topics that you wish to pursue with this assignment?
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Date: Introduction
In the United States, education has a high health impact on adults. Adults who have received a
greater education have achieved healthier lives...

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