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Hello, can you help me compose this paper.  APA 8 page essay with...

Hello, can you help me compose this paper. 

APA 8 page essay with references

Research Paper on the Changing Family

Topic: how lack of communication in the families affects relationships in the family, and what can be done to help increase positive communication 

This project provides an opportunity for an in-depth exploration of the social causes, characteristics or consequences of some particular aspect of the changing family

The paper should be built around a very specific research question that you are trying to answer about the relationship between two variables.

Paper should examine how that particular topic or issue influences and is influenced by broader social forces. One of the very important components of this project will be to understand how processes of difference, power, and discrimination also shape family structure, family life, and family issues. You will use web-based data and reports, as well as library research, to document examples of changing family and family change.

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