The project calls for blending 3 ideas: Warfare and Culture in World History Chapter 9 by Wayne E. Lee Your major: Military Studies and Human...
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The over-arching goal of this assignment is to describe how your major relates to our topic of war and culture in a specific case. The project calls for blending 3 ideas:

  1. Warfare and Culture in World History Chapter 9 by Wayne E. Lee
  2. Your major: Military Studies and Human Resources
  3. Solving a problem related to your major that also shows up outside the US

Once you have identified a problem, then work through the CLOs below, noting how to fit each one into your 5-6 page paper.

Use at least three sources to support your ideas, documenting them correctly both internally (in-text citations) and externally (bibliographic list of references at the end of the paper), using your major’s style sheet.

  1. CLO: Analyze the disciplinary content (history) in its own context and in relationship to the issues, questions, and positions of other disciplines (literature, psychology, sociology, etc.). 

In other words, describe the chapter you read in Lee, highlighting the relevant themes you want to use in solving your problem. Show how the other subject disciplines (literature, economics, sociology, etc.) you’ve decided to include are also relevant.

  1. CLO: Compare and contrast differences and similarities among the disciplines (history, literature, psychology, sociology) in terms of central concerns, values, methodologies, and relationships to public life.

Compare and contrast the areas you’ve chosen (literature, psychology, sociology, etc.) in the ways they fit your problem and the most important issues, values, methods, and connections to society.

  1. CLO: Synthesize diverse perspectives to achieve an interdisciplinary understanding.

Put the different viewpoints of the different disciplines (psychology, sociology, etc.) together to come up with a final product – what should be done, what does it all mean, what do we learn from it, etc.

  1. CLO: Analyze the relationships among academic knowledge, professional work, and the responsibilities of local and global citizenship.

How do the academic aspects and the practical, on-the-ground aspects work together? Do they help or hinder your work as a local and global citizen in this case study?

We could apply CLO 4 in the realm of ethics. We all have ethics to follow, but we often face conflicts within that area. Knowledge and practice are often in conflict. For those with careers in the police and/or military, how does knowledge conflict with practice and action, and how does that play out in local and global citizenship responsibilities? The paper can examine decisions and policies versus actions in either or both of these wars. For example, the duty of soldiers on the battlefield is to kill the enemy, but we see instances in both the Civil War and WWI where enemy soldiers came together to visit, party, and trade items, frustrating their commanders.

  1. CLO: Evaluate multiple perspectives, modes of inquiry and expression, and processes for decision-making in the disciplines, such as history, literature, sociology, psychology, and politics regarding war and culture.

Describe how effective the various disciplines are in achieving their goals.  Do the different methods of investigation that they use, or their different decision-making processes, harm or hinder the people involved in your case study? 

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