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Hello, I need help with literature review. The instruction is listed

below. However, the sources cannot upload it according to the copyrighted content. Please tell me if there is any way that I can send those sources to you, I will do it right away. Please read and revise the topic proposal before start writing the paper, and combine the information from topic proposal into the paper. Please do not use first and second person language in the paper. 

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Running head: SEX DIFFERENCES IN COMFORT BEHAVIORS Sex Differences in the Use of Comfort Behaviors XXXXXXXXXXXX Institution 1
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Running head: SEX DIFFERENCES IN COMFORT BEHAVIORS Sex Differences in the Use of Comfort Behaviors In the past, men and women were believed to have highly different behavioral patterns. Researchers seemed to think that sex differences were similar to cultural differences, almost in the same way current bestselling novels claim men and women are from different planets (Burleson, Holmstrom, & Gilstrap, 2005). Although men and women do have behavioral differences, they do not vary as drastically as previous research sought to prove. In fact, women and men are shown to be more similar than they are different in multiple areas of research (MacGeorge, Feng, Butler, Dane, & Passalacqua, 2005). One of these areas is that of comfort communication. This area of communication studies does not receive enough attention compared to its importance in people’s lives. Comfort behavior, also known as emotional support, is prevalent in almost all types of interpersonal relationships. It can involve a care worker providing reassurances to a cancer patient, a friend listening to another friend’s recollection of a turbulent dating relationship, or one spouse cheering up the other spouse who had a stressful day at work. Also, comforting behaviors have been found to better emotional state, help people overcome illness and injury, and potentially lengthen a person’s life (Burleson, 2003). As long as people feel distress in their lives, a need for comfort will exist. However, comfort will vary by means of who is providing it and what comfort behaviors are being used. Relating this thought back to men and women, depending on which sex is giving support, comfort behaviors are likely to show a few distinct differences. The purpose of this paper is to show how men and women coincide and differ in their use of comfort behaviors. In order to examine comfort behaviors, studies that focus on the Attachment Theory, support interaction goals, and verbal person centeredness and nonverbal immediacy will be reviewed. The reviewed literature should display the differences in men and women’s provision of support and reveal the advantage women have over men when using comfort communication. What 2
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Please read and revise the topic proposal first before start writing the paper!! Literature Review The primary purpose of a review of literature is to provide a rationale for the proposed research question(s) and/or hypothesis(ses). A review of literature should represent a synthesis of existing theory and research literature that argues for the research question(s) and/or hypothesis(ses). The process of constructing a literature review acquaints the researcher with the studies already done in a particular area and allows the researcher to build/extend the existing knowledge. The key to writing a good literature review is synthesis. The following questions may help to guide your reading and paper organization processes: 1. Which research articles come to similar conclusions? 2. Which research articles disagree with one another or have contradictory findings? 3. Are certain theories consistently used to frame studies on the topic? 4. How does your thinking about the topic relate to, differ from, and/or add to the previous literature? Guidelines: 1. Identify a topic for research that focuses on communication behavior (i.e., verbal and/or nonverbal messages in some capacity). Identify a question that you have about the particular communication phenomena. (You may have a question in mind OR you may find a question by examining the literature and identifying gaps.) Please make sure that your topic is in fact appropriate to the Communication discipline. 2. Read relevant primary sources on the key topic and related issues. Make notes as you go that identify key ideas, variables, and definitions. Avoid using direct quotations-- paraphrase ideas from others. You will need to read more material than you will end up citing in your paper in order to find useful and topic-relevant sources. You should have 10 sources referenced and cited in your final draft of the paper. (Use at least 7 communication journals as noted in Chapter three of your textbook.) You will be penalized if you do not have the appropriate number of references and they do not meet the requirements. The journals should all be peer reviewed. Additionally, please make sure that you are submitting original work. Submitting work that has been submitted for another class is considered
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plagiarism. 3. Based upon the literature you have read and your own perspective on the topic, create an outline to organize the ideas for your paper. 4. Write the paper. Components of the paper include the following: a. Title page (this should fit the APA components of a title page) b. Introduction (1-2 pages). You should begin the introduction with an attention getter- something that draws the reader in and makes them want to read more. This should be something from the literature and not a hypothetical or antecdotal story. Throughout the entire literature review you will avoid first and second person language. This includes the introduction section. Additionally, you need a research rationale. The function of a research rationale is to justify further examination of the topic. Why is it important to communication research? Make sure that you justify examining the topic further. The paragraph where you provide your research rationale will conclude with your thesis statement. Your thesis statement will be the general point or purpose of your paper. Please start the sentence with, ‘the purpose of this paper is to…’. This will help us identify your thesis statement. The thesis statement should be a reflection of your hypothesis/research question. This will help you to focus your paper on providing evidence to support your hypothesis/research question. Finally, you should end your introduction with a preview statement. This preview will inform readers of the areas of literature that you will be discussing in the paper. c. Review of current literature on topic that begins generally (often with a theory or theoretical perspective) and gradually becomes more and more specific until you propose your specific H’s and/or RQ’s. (approximately 6-8pages). You will incorporate all relevant research into the discussion of your topic. Remember that this should serve as an argument supporting your hypothesis/research question. You will need to utilize previous research findings in order to support the hypothesis that you are proposing. Please do not use arguments that do not deal directly with your hypothesis/literature review. Also, make sure that the literature that you use is appropriate and complete enough to make your argument. (At least 10 sources from peer- reviewed journals, 7 from communication journals) The literature review should begin by conceptually defining each of the concepts that you are interested in. You will give
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How The Smartphone Communica±on Has Revolu±onized Society How The Smartphone Communication Has Revolutionized Society Name Institution 1
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How The Smartphone Communica±on Has Revolu±onized Society Green: comments from professor. Red: places that need to revise How The Smartphone Communication Has Revolutionized Society The smartphone in the current market has been around for over five years since apple introduced it in the consumer market (try to use the literature for attention getter. What is something that comes from your research that you found interesting, starting, or shocking? Those make great attention getter) . However, there is evidence that the smartphone has been around for the since 1993 (Cite? Any factual claim needs to be cited. If it is your opinion, don’t state it as a fact. Make sure you look through your intro for all factual claims and that you begin to cite them all) . Over the years, the smartphone has revolutionized communication in many aspects with extra features such as mail services, internet, camera, music and video players. The integration of this communication protocol has revolutionized communication as we know it. One on one communication has been affected by the technological advances of the smartphone. For instance, day to day actions have been transferred as messages through text voice and videos. In such, effectivity of the world population has been largely affected. For instance, texting had led to careless driving which has led to accidents. Moreover, people are now more consumed by the face of the smartphone than the beauty of the world going on today. Notably, communication as we (avoid first and second person language) know it is having been positively impacted in the notion that people are able to send messages faster, pictures and videos are now transferred to one person to another. However, the negative aspects of this cannot be assumed. People are tending to shift humanity to the need gain fame than use smartphones to impact society positively. The smartphones have denied people social ethics; relationships have shifted to a more online aspect than normal human to human experience. Will 2
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Running head: SEX DIFFERENCES IN COMFORT BEHAVIORS Sex Differences in the Use of Comfort Behaviors XXXXXXXXXXXX Institution 1 Running head: SEX...
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