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Do Homework - Krystal Pereira - Google Chrome X Math 1001 045/046 - Tichenor Krystal Pereira & | 10/1/19 10:42 PM Homework: Homework 7.3 Save Score: 0 of 1 pt 4 of 7 (5 complete) HW Score: 66.67%, 6 of 9 pts 7.3.53 Question Help The figure to the right shows the graphs of the cost and revenue functions for a company that manufactures and sells small radios. The solid red line represents the revenue function, R(x) = 45x; the dashed blue line represents the cost function, C(x) = 5,000 + 25x. 40000- Use the formulas to find R(350) - C(350). Describe what this means for the company. 30000- 20000- 10000- 0 200 400 600 800 Radios Produced and Sold Select the correct choice below and fill in the answer boxes within your choice. (Type integers or decimals.) O A. R(350) - C(350) = , which represents a $ loss for the company O B. R(350) - C(350) = , which represents a $ gain for the company Click to select and enter your answer(s) and then click Check Answer. ? All parts showing Clear All Check Answer O Type here to search 9 10:42 PM 10/1/2019

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Do Homework - Krystal Pereira - Google Chrome X
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