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Will need code printed out, both plots and the explanation, thank you.


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MATLAB plots a function by locating a finite number of points and "connecting the dots". Plot the function sin(tfi) between —3 and 3 using ezplot. Explain clearly what is causing the problem with this graph. This problem can be overcome by plotting the results using the plot command. Enter the following commands: T = linspace(-3,3,100000); F = sin(T. "6); plot(T,F) Explain why these commands have fixed the problem (Use help linspace for more information). Your answer should include the print out of the command window, both plots and the explanations. Label the two plots to distinguish between them.

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"is it full answer????"

MATLAB plots a function by locating a nite number of points and 'connecting the dots'. Plot the function sin(t) between 3 and 3 using ezplot. Explain...
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